Educators pursue elementary financial literacy

From an article from the Dover Post:

Delaware State University Professor Michael Casson agrees. The economics professor, who recently wrote a book on financial literacy, believes in the necessity of reaching students early.

“We know that if we can establish some core values around finances at a very early age then that can be a predictor for successes as they grow older,” Casson said.

Casson has never met King, but their ideas are very similar. The economics professor recently collaborated with Towne Pointe Elementary teacher Linda Brown to write a book about financial literacy for elementary students.

The book, “Enwan the Entrepreneur: Enwan’s First Savings Account,” focused on a kid’s attempts to save money and start a business.

“They’re fertile soil in terms of understanding finances and money. So it’s up to us as adults to plant those seeds of financial literacy,” Casson said.

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