Milford, Delaware sees opportunity in business growth

Taken from this article:

From the article:

“Milford has been doing wonderful things. From what I’ve seen and read, Milford has been really progressive and innovative in terms of commerce,” he said. “With Bayhealth coming in, that’s an additional economic growth engine. I would definitely be excited about the prospects of that, as well.”

Teaming with the state of Delaware and local government leaders has been one key to Milford’s current success, he added.

“The state of Delaware is doing an excellent job in terms of trying to stimulate development and small business growth,” he said. “Step one of attracting businesses to the area is the fluidity of working with the necessary kind of change of command. In terms of business, that’s zoning, tax structures, labor regulations, etc. All of those things are very important matters for business and dealt with at the local and state levels.”

Continuing, he said the state of Delaware directly impacts local communities through initiatives such as the Downtown Development District.

“They are really looking to fuel innovation and entrepreneurship, and market what there is in opportunities and potential in Delaware,” Dr. Casson said.